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Double Incision
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FTM Top Surgery Procedures

Types of Subcutaneous Mastectomy for Trans Men
Double Incision Top Surgery

Double Incision Top Surgery

Ideal for medium and larger chested trans men, DI top surgery involves making horizontal incisions along the contour of the pectoralis muscle, removing breast tissue, removing the nipple and areola and re-sizing them, then grafting them on. Sensation in the nipple and areola is typically compromised though there are variations of the procedure that provide improved sensation (inverted T anchor method.)

Peri-Areolar Top Surgery

Peri-Areolar Top Surgery

Peri top surgery is a great option for smaller chested trans men, as well as those with B-sized chests and excellent skin elasticity. During the procedure, an incision is made around the areola, then a larger circular incision is made and the ring of skin and breast tissue is removed. The skin is brought together and connected to the edges of the areola (similar to a drawstring purse), which may be downsized. Sensation in the nipple and areola is typically retained as the nipple stalk is usually left intact.


Keyhole Top Surgery

Keyhole Top Surgery

Keyhole top surgery is a good choice for trans men who have a small chest. Breast tissue is removed from a small incision made along the bottom of the areola, resulting in an inconspicious scar. The nipple may be resized but the stalk is usually left intact and sensation is retained.


Comparing Top Surgery Procedures

Find the most suitable procedure for you.

Double Incision Top Surgery

  • Chest Size: B and greater
  • Skin Elasticity: Any
  • Incisions & Scarring: Long incisions, more scarring
  • Nipple-Areola Sensation: Often compromised
  • Revisions: Occasional, ex. "dog ears"

$3800 - $5975

Peri-Areolar Top Surgery

  • Chest Size: Small B and under
  • Skin Elasticity: Excellent
  • Incisions & Scarring: Moderate
  • Nipple-Areola Sensation: Typically retained
  • Revisions: Common (ex. lipocuction, nipple/areola resizing)

$3800 - $6500

Keyhole Top Surgery

  • Chest Size: A
  • Skin Elasticity: Good
  • Incisions & Scarring: Minimal
  • Nipple-Areola Sensation: Typically retained
  • Revisions: Common (ex. lipocuction, nipple reduction)

$3800 - $5000

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